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5 Wines that you should try while in Tuscany

When in Italy, no real foodie experience is ever truly complete if the dishes you try aren’t paired with the perfect local wine. Wineries and wine cooperatives in Tuscany flourish thanks to the perfect climate and the geography of the territory, and offer a number of incredible productions that are sure to satisfy your every need in the wine department!   If you’re visiting Tuscany, there are many activities you can engage in, such as visiting major cities and exploring the history and art of these places, or shopping to your hearts content for souvenirs or local products and hand-made

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Top 10 Hamburg tourist attractions

1.St.Pauli-Landungsbrücken and Hamburg port –  This is the most popular landmark in Hamburg you should not miss to visit. This can be the first impression you take on Hamburg, if your city sightseeing tour starts from here. Several times per day many cruise boats take visitors for a tour around the port. The trip includes the Fish Market, the container docks with tens of ships all around, the sandbars, and the time of one hour is enough to realize that the size of the port and the activity there are really huge! Many souvenir and marine shops are gathered around Landungsbrücken and you can discover some really unique items

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5 favourite Greek islands for a summer holiday

Although summer has come long ago together with the usual thoughts and plans about travel and vacation, there may be still someone who has no idea where to go after a month or two… Here is our selection of top 5 islands in Greece with their authentic atmosphere for beach, sun and swim during the day and for having a glass of Ouzo with a fresh Greek salad amidst the smell of  grilled seafood in the warm evenings 🙂 And here they come: Crete Crete is the southernmost of all Greek islands and perhaps endowed with the most significant historical

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Tuscany wine tours

Tuscany is a really vast region with its ten provinces of Arezzo, Grosseto, Pisa, Siena, Livorno, Lucca, Massa and Carrara, Pistoia, Prato and of course, Florence, where is the very capital of the region –

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