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From the Loire valley castles to Mont Saint-Michel

The three days in Paris ran out so quickly, as though we had just arrived. But there were still a couple of days forthcoming to see the lovely castles down the Loire River and the spectacular Mont Saint-Michel on the Atlantic coast… The full itinerary in France looked like the following: Paris – Chenonceau – Amboise – Chambord – Paris – Mont Saint-Michel – Saint Malo – Paris – all within five days, three of them in Paris, and the other two, devoted to the Loire valley castles and to Normandy and Brittany, staying in a Paris hotel during the

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The magnificent Paris

A symbol of glamour and luxury, a centre of gourmet cuisine and haute couture, a paragon of both classics and modernism – Paris is always among the top three most visited places in the world. The city really inspires passions and as we all know, is involved in the story of almost every second Hollywood movie.To many people it may sound too trivial to travel just to Paris :). In such a case they could take a slightly longer trip and call it Tour of northern France, visiting also the Loire valley castles and the fabulous Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy

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Barcelona for all

Notwithstanding what your interests are, you may take your trip to Barcelona without any advance research or planning. Arriving there, you will surely find what you are looking for, just because Barcelona is a place where culture, entertainment, history and art not only exist together forming its unique atmosphere, but have created great many opportunities for exceptional experience. Let’s start a brief sightseeing tour of the most popular places as per interests: • Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila (La Pedrera), Casa Batllo, Park Guell, etc. The remarkable art nouveau architecture of Antonio Gaudi is the signature of Barcelona, recognizable worldwide. The

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